Soltron of SF Stands Tall in Oakland

Sunday October 25 2015 Oakland: Got a chance to peep this dope band called Soltrón SF from the Mission in SF..They were playing at the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) at the Oakland Museum which was packed.

I ran into the homie Roberto Lovato who told me this is a group to pay attention to because they go above and beyond simply playing music and securing gigs. He told me they represent the sound of the Mission where they fuse Latin-jazz, Chicano rock, and samba batucada with strains of hip-hop and electronic music.

People love them because they are committed to standing up against gentrification and displacement. Their music addresses addresses these issue as they are about building community.

They hold on to culture that those in power are trying to erase…They proved that when they hit the stage today.. They killed it..

#salute to ..Soltron SF and band members Daniel Riera, Roque Baron, Christian Navarro, Anthony Sierra, Ruben Sandoval, Noah Rosen, Remi Spiro, Kai Lyons, Manolo Davila and Arturo Blanco


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